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The Teachers

Babara Bangoura Fakoly  


A world-known master in the field of African music.
An esteemed musician and long time teacher of drumming skills, and is considered the ambassador of West African culture,resides in Belgium since 1999. Known as the spiritual heir of the Grand Master Mamady Keïta and conveys the Guinean tradition and art of the djembe, the traditional West African drum. Born and raised in Guinea Conakry.
As a child he became a member of the ensemble ‘Des Percussions de Guinée Junior’ and then became the lead drummer of the National Ballet Band Djoliba. He founded “The International North-South Cultural Exchange Festival”, an international festival which takes place in Guinea Conakry and provides musicians from around the world the opportunity to share their passion for music and traditional Manding dances.

Babara devotes his life to advancing the message of Mamady Keita's:
"Music has no boundaries, skin or color is not an obstacle to meeting other cultures."

Alya Makiti Camara

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One of the most prominent stars in Europe today in the field of African dance.
Known for its virtuosity, erupting energy and authentic accessibility of Guinea's traditional dances.
Grew up in Guinea Conakry, where he began dancing
at the age of 14 with the Ballet Tamara.
He then joined the Ballet Matam as the band leader.
In 2011 he joined the group Camara Percussions as a professional dancer.
He has lived in Belgium since 2020, where he continues to pursue his passion for dance through performances, workshops and classes across Europe.

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