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Who are we ?

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Adi Zalinger faig Dancer, teacher and producer in the field of West African dance and music.

 Since 2009 she has been traveling and studying around the world to bring to Israel the beauty
and richness of African culture.

Out of a deep connection to the rhythms and dances,

out of a desire to bring people to dance together as a tribe

 and out of a belief in the healing ability that exists in dancing to the sound of the drums.

Formerly a member of the band 'Tarram' and 'Bangoura', she formed the ensembles 'Waraba' and 'Triola Show'.

Conducts regular classes of African dance in Tel Aviv.

In 2019 she brought to Israel together with Danny Shturm and Yael Sharoni the masters Mouminatou Camara

And Bolokada Conde for a week of fruitful and successful workshops across the country.

"The dance is not about not knocking with your feet in the ground.

But to rise above the earthly.

The dance expresses the transcendence, the ascension,

The aspiration above."


'Mama Africa Israel' is an organisation that aims to promote and spread African culture in Israel. Our goal is to connect and bring people together through the rich culture that Africa brings with it, by making art, creation, music and dance accessible.We see great importance in spreading ancient knowledge and wisdom, history and folklore to create familiarity and closeness to human hearts, to encourage a broad and tolerant observation of the cultures around us. We believe that African art is a gateway to the creation of a common human denominator, regardless of gender, sector and religion.Today, the African-loving community in Israel is gaining momentum. So far, events have been attended by hundreds of people, including the Mama Africa Israel Festival, which has been held for 4 years in a row, workshops and performances around the country for a variety of target audiences, activities for children, youth and special needs populations as part of the Ministry of Education. Additional informal events are taking place with prominent artists from Israel and abroad.

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